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Grindstone Naspers | Application

Thank you for your interest in our GrindstoneX programme, in partnership with Naspers Labs

Grindstone has grown startups in South Africa over the last decade, and continues to select the top startups, and enable their growth and access to Knowledge, Networks, Funding and Markets.  

We will source ten of the best female-founded South African businesses for this call, and the startups will experience Grindstone’s growth engineering programme, designed to make them more investible, scalable, and exit-ready. 

For us to do that, we need more information about you and your business. The assessment to follow by no means is away of eliminating potential applicants, but rather used to get to know you and your business better.
Whilst completing the application questions may feel unclear or overwhelming and we encourage you to contact us at any time on should you require more information.
Help us get to know you a little better and answer the questions as openly and honestly as possible as that will greatly enable us to find you the best growth path for the business.
We expect many applications but pride ourselves in the fact that we take a long term view on recruitment. So although ten spots may feel unattainable once you enter our worlds, albeit in which ever way, we always aim to find a way to work with you.

The evaluation criteria for the application are:

- Innovative technology or tech-enabled companies
- South African registered companies with 100% Female-led and/or owned business [where the owner/s have South African Citizenship]
- A transformative racial agenda is being pursued on this application, but all racial groups who fit the criteria are encouraged to apply

- At least one founder committed full-time in operational aspects of the company
- Company must be beyond the concept/ideation stage
- Preference will be given to owner/s 35 and under, inclusive up until 30 March 2023

- The company must demonstrate it has been operational for at least 12 months with growth potential, with at least one active client post-revenue
- Demonstrate commitment to a full-term programme

All company information provided will be kept confidential as required by POPIA. You consent to provide us with your contact information in compliance with POPIA will be required.

The applicant submitting the company information is authorised by the company to do so and the information is accurate and up-to-date on the date of submission. 

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