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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1102 Quiz 7

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from GoCertify

1. Part of the operating system core is responsible for controlling security, managing the file system, and providing a platform for applications to run on. What is the name of this core component?
2. You want to purchase and install the least expensive edition of Windows 11 for your laptop that includes Bitlocker device encryption. Which Windows 11 edition should you purchase?
3. You want to create a virtualization environment that runs directly on the host machine's hardware to manage the virtual machines. Which of the following virtualization types should you use?
4. Which term refers to a software implementation of a computer system that executes programs like a physical machine?
5. Which Active Directory service simplifies how users log in to all the systems and applications that they need?
6. Which Windows service stores registered biometric scans for authentication and determines whether they match the stored scan?
7. Which permission does a user need to set security permissions for a folder that exists on an NTFS partition?
8. Which of the following security solutions would prevent you from reading a file that you did not create?
9. Which type of malicious activity can be described as numerous unwanted and unsolicited e-mail messages that are sent to a wide range of victims?
10. Anna, a user, downloaded a free PDF editing application from the internet. Now her laptop constantly displays desktop pop-ups, and several applications don't start.

Which of the following types of malware was Anna the victim of?