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Destinations Council Digital Performance Dashboard

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This dashboard aggregates and helps synthesize data from participating DMOs across the country and across different platforms to establish true industry metrics for marketing activity. Participants are also able to break down the data by:

  • Device usage
  • Data comparisons by region

All members will be able to access the dashboard and see industry averages by logging in to and navigating to the page. However, to have your DMO's data included and to see a personalized comparison in the dashboard, your organization must meet the criteria outlined below, complete the participation application and accept the terms of use and privacy agreement.

Eligibility & Participation:

To access the dashboard:

  • Your organization must be a current DMO member of U.S. Travel Association for this is a member-only product

To participate and include your DMO's data:

  • Your organization must be a destination marketing organization (DMO)
  • Your organization must use Google Analytics
  • You must enroll with Simpleview by providing the domains for the websites 

Participation Application:

To participate you must agree to allow Simpleview and U.S. Travel to access your Google Analytics data.  To begin the application, please enter your email address in all lowercase letters below. 

If at any point you need to return to a previous screen while completing this form, use the "back" button at the bottom of the screen; do not use your browser's back button.

If you enter your email address and receive an error message, enter "ESTO2022" to move forward.

Enter your business email address or ESTO2022.