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AMWAT Warehousing Interior Design Receiving Notice

2. Interior Designer's Name/Contact Name *This question is required.
3. Your Client's Information.  To ensure accuracy, please do not combine clients on this form, please use one form per client. *This question is required.
4. DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS TO BE RECEIVED.  To ensure accuracy, please provide as much detail as possible.   
Space Cell ManufacturerItem NameItem DescriptionColorQuantity
5. Inspection Requested.  Receiving fees includes visual inspection of damages to exterior of packaging. For an additional fee, AMWAT Moving will unpackage item to inspect for concealed damages.  We will not be held liable for concealed damages for items that were not inspected.  Items not inspected by AMWAT Moving will be labeled accordingly. *This question is required.
6. Assembly Requested.  AMWAT Moving reserves the right to defer assembly if the assembly is very complicated.   *This question is required.