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Kettle Falls Housing Action Plan Survey

Kettle Falls Housing Action Plan (HAP) Community Survey

The City of Kettle Falls has been awarded grant funding from the WA Department of Commerce to implement a Housing Action Plan (HAP). The intent of this plan is to engage elected officials, community members and groups, local builders and realtors, nonprofit housing advocates, and staff throughout the process to understand the existing housing stock and future housing needs of Kettle Falls, and to identify suitable housing types for a variety of incomes. The goal of the HAP is to encourage the construction of additional affordable and market rate housing in a greater variety of housing types and at prices that are accessible to a greater variety of incomes. As part of this process, we are conducting a community survey on housing so that we may better understand the community needs, wants, and desires about housing. 
Tell us a little about yourself

We would like to know a little bit about you. Our hope is to hear from a wide range of community members, and these questions will help us understand who we have heard from. Any demographic information provided will help us ensure that collected responses are representative of the community, and that amenities are tailored to residents' wants and needs. Provided comments are collected in aggregate and will remain anonymous.
1. How long have you lived in Kettle Falls?
2. Which of the following best describes your life stage?
3. What is your age range?
4. What is your gender?
5. How likely are you to leave Kettle Falls in the near future due to your current housing situation?
8. What is the size of your household (including spouse, partner, children, and other dependents)?
9. Do you live with housemates who are not family members?