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Study of the Black Liberatory Algebra I Teacher Professional Development Program: Student Survey 2022


We are giving you this survey to learn about your math classes and what you think about learning math. 
This survey is a part of a research study that is trying to understand how to help students learn. Your participation is voluntary. There will be no penalty to you or your school if you do not complete the survey or answer a survey question. 
In this survey, there are no right or wrong answers. 
All of your responses on this survey will be private. No one in your class or at your school will know how you answer any of the questions. We will combine your answers with answers from other students to understand how all the students responded as a group. All information (or responses) you provide may only be used for the study and not for any other purpose, except as required by law. 
It should take about 20 minutes to complete this survey. This survey will help us understand how to better support math learning. We are very happy to learn from you!
Please enter your information below and click Next to begin the survey. If you are on a phone, click the arrow at the bottom right to begin the survey. *This question is required.