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NZ Police response to family and sexual violence

Police response to victim-survivors survey

Thank you for your interest in this Backbone survey.

The introduction to the survey contains a lot of background information so you can make an informed decision about whether to take part. Once you move through this section and into the questions, there will be much less to read.

The purpose of this survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback about how the NZ Police respond to family and sexual violence and how that response can be improved. We also want to learn more about why people choose not to contact the police.

We will use the findings from this survey to create a set of recommendations to improve police response which we will present to NZ Police and other government agencies.

Who this survey is for?
This survey is open to all women, trans and non-binary people living in Aotearoa New Zealand, aged 16+, who have experienced family violence and/or sexual violence.

We want to hear from you whether you have contacted the police or reported the violence or abuse to them, or not.

Family violence includes, physical violence (e.g. hitting, shoving), psychological or emotional abuse/coercive control (behaviours that keep you trapped in the relationship, especially by targeting what is important to you e.g. threats, name calling, constraint, mind games, passport or visa control, being prevented from connecting with friends/family/community, being outed without consent, with-holding medication or communication devices, stalking behaviour, financial abuse (e.g. controlling the money, putting you on an allowance, refusing to work) and reproductive abuse (e.g. controlling access to birth control or abortion).

We want to hear from you if you have experienced any of these things by a partner, ex partner (whether you lived with them or not), someone you dated, a child or parent, a sibling or any other family member.

Sexual violence includes anything sexual done to you without your consent. It includes unwanted touching or kissing, rape, being forced to do sexual acts you don’t want to do, attacks on sexual parts of your body, being forced to watch pornography and having sexual images of yourself distributed to others without your consent.

We want to hear from you if you have experienced any of these things by anyone, including a partner, another family member, someone else you know or a stranger.