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CED Course Code Request Form (updated)


This form is for requesting In-Service or Instructor-Led course codes for Saba. If you have questions while completing this form, contact CED at or 573-882-4161.

If you would like to request a WBT, please submit a New Education Request:
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Type of Course Needed
  • IN: In-Service Tracking: Used to track attendees of a training session, typically after the event has occurred, in order to add the training to learners' transcripts.
  • ILT: Instructor-Led Training: Use this option when you have specific dates, times, locations for class(es) that learners can sign up for prior to the training. Can be virtual or in-person.
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Are either of the following true? *This question is required.
Please enter only ONE HRDEPTID. If multiple departments will receive this training, enter either the HRDEPTID of the department conducting the training or your HRDEPTID.

For assistance, use this link to view all HRDEPTIDs:
1-2 sentence general description
What should learners know after the training?
Do you need to be able to view this course on the Instructor tab in Saba? If you are unsure, select No. *This question is required.
Are you interested in executing an application process for nursing contact hours?