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2022-2023 Student of the Month Recognition Program application

It is our mission to increase public awareness of the impact the arts make on students with disabilities.  Research shows students who participate in the arts develop creativity, have increased self-confidence, understand teamwork, have increased language and math skills and are generally more engaged.

We invite you to recognize a student from one of two age groups, (age 5-13 & 14-22), who exemplify outstanding work in and through the arts.  Each month Arts4All Florida will select two winners, one student from each age category from a pool of students nominated by teachers, parents, community members, etc. using this online tool. The monthly winners will be featured on the Arts4All Florida website and e-newsletter as well as receive a personalized award presented at an awards ceremony of choice.

To be nominated, a student must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a student enrolled in Florida public or private school.  Home schooled students are definitely included!
  • Meet the age requirements for one of the two categories, (ages 5-13 or 14-22).
  • Exhibit outstanding artistry, personal growth, increased self-confidence or leadership through their work in the arts.
  • Be in good academic and behavioral standing.
Nominations will be taken on a rolling basis and can be made throughout the school year.  Once one school year comes to an end, the process will begin again for the following year.

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step in the nomination process!  Be sure you have all of your support materials ready to upload before beginning, (pictures, video, etc.)  Please continue:
4. What is the nominating student's Race/Ethnicity? Check all that apply (for grant reporting purposes)
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This question requires a valid email address.
15. Student's Area(s) of Arts Participation.  Please select all that apply: *This question is required.
19. Support materials are helpful. This may include video clips (mp4), sound clips (mp3) or images (jpegs).  You will be able to upload up to 3 files below or they may be emailed to Karla Aguayo at *This question is required.
20. Upload #1
21. Upload #2
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