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2022 Koh World Suturing Championship

2022 Foundation of the AAGL:
Charles H. Koh World Suturing Championship

The Koh World Suturing Championship was established in 2022 to encourage excellence in laparoscopic suturing and innovation and will be a yearly competition to award the “Koh World Suturing Champion Award” to the winning surgeon.

The finest and most challenging aspect of surgery in the end is repair, reconstruction, or new construction - all of which require proficiency and excellence in suturing. Mechanical modalities have a limited scope and cannot replicate the complexities of ‘free hand’ suturing, which is virtually infallible in addressing all challenges, including those not yet conceptualized. It is in this context, and to encourage a competitive spirit of future laparoscopic surgeons to attain excellence in suturing for current and future procedures, that has inspired this competition. 

The competition to claim the 2022 Koh World Suturing Champion title will take place as a live event, on Thursday, December 1, 2022, in the Exhibit Hall at the 2022 AAGL Global Congress. Through simulation, the first Koh Challenge will task surgeons with accomplishing what is commonly performed in advanced endometriosis surgery including excision and repair of the ureter, bladder, and bowel disc resection. Occasionally a hysterectomy is part of the solution and vaginal repair becomes a needed task. Competitors will then be narrowed down into a semi-final, and then final round, to choose the winner.

Applicants who believe their suturing skills are worthy of the "Suturing World Champion" title are invited to apply. All applicants must be capable of performing:
  • Closure of disc excision of rectum continuously in 2 layers, using single 3/0 PDS suture on SH needle.
  • Closure of bladder (post endometriosis excision) in 2 layers, using single 3/0 PDS suture on SH needle.
  • Closure of post hysterectomy vaginal cuff in 2 layers with single 2/0 PDS suture on CT1 needle.
  • L or bilateral ureteral anastomosis with 4 interrupted sutures using 5/0 PDS
Application Deadline:
There are a few slots still open! Apply Now!