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2022 Koh World Suturing Championship

Background & Origin

2022 Foundation of the AAGL:
Koh World Suturing Championship - Charles H. Koh Award/Prize

Dr. Koh graduated from the University of Singapore and trained at the Hammersmith Hospital, University of London where he obtained his specialty degree in obstetrics and gynecology. He moved to USA as Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1977.
In the mid 80’s as laparoscopy was evolving on many fronts from a diagnostic to an operative tool, Dr. Koh felt that the further development of operative laparoscopy to becoming an unlimited surgical tool required advanced laparoscopic suturing. Taking aim at replicating the most difficult suturing technique at laparotomy - micro suturing using 8/0 suture for tubal anastomosis, he felt this would pave the way for all less challenging laparoscopic macro- suturing. Dr. Koh and Dr. Janic presented the world’s first laparoscopic microsurgical tubal anastomosis using 8/0 suture, at the Conjoint Annual meeting of the American and Canadian Fertility Society in Montreal, 1993, winning the First Prize video award.

From there various macro suturing techniques were innovated, and the culmination of his algorithmic trials resulted in the ‘Vertical Zone’ ipsilateral technique. This technique was taught in courses worldwide and over 90% of participants were able to throw a suture and tie it intra- corporeally in less than one minute.
Dr. Koh is a pioneer in advanced laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and has lectured extensively on this internationally. Dr. Koh also pioneered a special technique and equipment for laparoscopic hysterectomy called the “Koh System for Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy ” and invented instruments for laparoscopic microsurgery and macro suturing,
Application deadline: 12:00pm PST, Friday, August 12, 2022. Application Fee = $75 (non-refundable)

Once the information below is completed and the application fee is received, the participant will be sent a link to upload their videos
(links sent the week of August 15th).  Videos must be uploaded between August 22, 2022 – September 7, 2022.