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Community Poll - Designing RPOP's Future

OUR Community! OUR Voice! OUR Choice! 

Designing Our Future 

Poll Open July 16th through August 16th


“...We make decisions with the inclusion of community voices, values, skills, and resources from a body of Russell representatives to reach a resident-informed outcome.”  – RPOP’s Partnership Pledge 

Russell: A Place of Promise (RPOP) is a partner with the Russell community. We partner with residents in decision-making in generating investments toward Black wealth in the Russell Neighborhood.

Over the past six months, 26 residents participated in two workgroups learning the ins and outs of RPOP and designing its future. The Future Organizational Form Workgroup studied possible organizational structures for RPOP and its position in Louisville's Black wealth building ecosystem. The Madison Street Workgroup studied possible uses for the Madison Street Property (at 30th and Madison/Muhammad Ali) and discussed possible community ownership options for the new development.

Now it’s your turn to help shape RPOP’s future!

Who can take the poll? 

  • Current and former Russell residents who sign the RPOP Partnership Pledge.

  • Community members and advocates for Russell who sign the RPOP Partnership Pledge.

How to take the poll?

  • First, if you haven't already done so, sign the partnership pledge(Please note that if you have not signed the pledge, you will not be able to complete the poll. Only individuals who have signed the Pledge can participate.)

  • Next, watch the presentations made by Workgroup members during their July 16th graduation ceremony.

  • Then, continue with this poll to share your voice and your choice!

Once the poll results are in, RPOP will continue to work with residents to respond to what we've heard from you, answer remaining questions, address concerns and move forward with the process of defining RPOP's future organizational form and function and developing the Madison Street Property. You're invited to join us for these future conversations!

Let's get started with the poll.