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Group Sustainability

BerryWorld Commuting Survey

As sustainability is a core value at BerryWorld, data is currently being collected to calculate BerryWorld's carbon footprint. There are three categories called 'scopes' which when brought together establish an organisations carbon footprint. Scope 1 includes emissions such as from company owned facilities and vehicles. Scope 2 includes purchased energy and Scope 3 is much broader and includes business travel, employee commuting and more . 

As employee commuting is part of Scope 3 we need your help! We currently have data on those who are commuting to their place of work (office/packhouse) and expensing the journey, but not those that do not expense it. Therefore, this survey asks a few questions about your commuting method and distance to your place of work. This survey is only relevant for those who do not expense commuting to work.  Survey will be annual so please base your answers on your commuting in 2021. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey (it will take around 2 minutes to complete)!