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PDOP Financial Assistance 2023

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - We're here for you!
PDOP is committed to helping residents of ALL ages enjoy programs and activities at the Park District. We are happy to support residents through two financials assistance programs:

Scholarships: (all ages)
Our scholarship program, supported by the Parks Foundation, the Township, and the Park District of Oak Park, is available for all ages and can reduce the cost of any program or pass up to 75% and is limited to $300 per person. Each year, starting in December, new funds are available for residents to apply toward the next year’s activities, but applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Awarded funds cannot be shared among family members and any unused funds does not rollover to the next year. 

Childcare Discount Membership: (available for dependent children entering Kindergarten through age 14)
Our Childcare Discount Membership discounts Park District childcare programs to residents with dependent children entering kindergarten through age 14. The discount applies to full-day programs including in-house summer camps, Passport School’s Out, and the Clubhouse afterschool program. The discounts range between 25% and
55% of program costs but has no overall limits. 

Three eligibility requirements to qualify:
1) You must be an Oak Park resident
2) Must meet annual income requirements
3) Provide proof of residency, income, and dependents

If you are ready to complete the online financial assistance application, please click "NEXT" in order to proceed. 

For printed copies, stop by the Administration Building at 218 Madison or Ridgeland Common Recreation Complex. For personal assistance, our Scholarship Liaison, Scott Sekulich, can provide assistance. He can be reached at (708) 725-2023 or via email at