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Millcreek Land Use Code Update


What is the Land Use Code?
The Land Use Code (LUC) is the primary regulatory document that Millcreek uses to ensure quality development with guidance from the General Plan. The LUC includes regulations and standards that address zoning, land uses, natural resource protections, subdivisions, building setbacks, building height, parking, landscaping, neighborhood character, and application procedures. 

Project Description
The LUC Update will be accomplished through a process of diagnosis, collaborative drafting, and public outreach. We begin the process by talking to the community about what is working well and what is not work well with the current regulations and pair those conversations with detailed review of existing master plan documents, such as the General Plan, and the current zoning and subdivision regulations. This analysis will result in an assessment report that will serve as a roadmap for the update process moving forward.

Based on the results of the assessment report, we will break the code into four modules to effectively draft updated sections that can be reviewed in bite sized pieces. We plan to adopt each module individually and then tie the code together into a complete package for adoption of module four. At each step, we will engage the public, key community stakeholders, City staff, and the City’s ultimate decision makers - the Planning Commission and City Council to result in a code that is:

  • Updated and progressive to reflect sustainability and health goals, smart growth and the emerging trends in the community;

  • Simplified, graphic intense and user friendly;

  • Consistent with other relevant standards and policies set forth by the City.


Your input is crucial to this process. Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this questionnaire and share your experiences with the current Land Use Code and how the new Land Use Code can better serve the community. Know that your involvement means that you'll have regulations that are shaped by you and for you.

Many thanks for your time and input!

Disclaimer: the options under each question are randomized and were not listed by order of importance/priority.