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2022 Dance Industry Census | Organized Entities

About This Survey

Do you represent a business, non-profit organization, fiscally-sponsored group or project or other entity that works in dance?
Or are you a sole proprietor working in dance that incurs business expenses?
Is your entity located in the New York City metropolitan area?

Dance/NYC requests your entity's participation in this Dance Industry Census.  By sharing your experiences and contributing your data alongside other organized entities and individual dance workers, you will make an impact. Your input will shape policies and practices that will provide meaningful change for the dance industry and its many workers. 

Participation is voluntary. Participation may not benefit your entity directly but it will help Dance/NYC better advocate for and provide resources to support the New York City dance industry.

If you agree to participate:

  • You will go through a series of questions about your entity’s work, activity and attendance, financials, compensation levels, workforce, and demographics as well as what your entity and the dance field need to thrive.
  • The survey should take approximately 45 minutes to complete if you have relevant information on hand. For many, it will take less.
  • A ‘Save and Continue” feature is available in the survey toolbar (top of webpage starting on page 2) if you would like to save your progress and continue at a later time.  
  • This survey is anonymous. Study findings will be presented only in summary form. Please note that while Dance/NYC and Webb Mgmt (the study's research consultant) will keep your information confidential, there are some data security risks inherent in providing information via the internet. Review Dance/NYC’s privacy policy and data use and protection policy for the study.

By completing this survey you are consenting to participate in this study.

If you are using a screen reader, you may need to use keyboard shortcuts to trigger choice options for questions. For more information on the census, accessibility features, or for staff support in completing the survey, please visit Dance.NYC/DanceIndustryCensus, call (212) 966-4452 (voice only), or email us at

©2022 Dance/NYC | This survey instrument is the proprietary information of Dance/NYC.  Any reproduction of the survey for use other than the NYC Dance Industry Census requires the express written permission of Dance/NYC.

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