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South Fulton Public Art Master Plan Survey - 2022

2022 South Fulton Public Art Master Plan Survey

The City of South Fulton Public Art Commission is drafting the city's first Public Art Master Plan.  Your input is a critical part of this planning process. We want feedback from residents, artists,  business owners, city staff and elected officials on what they want to see in our city. Thank you in advance for your time and feedback. Please forward this survey link to other community members who would be interested in participating.
1. Are you one of the following: *This question is required.
2. If you are a City of South Fulton resident, which district do you live in? *This question is required.
3. What type of public art do you want to see in the city? Please select your top five (5). 
4. Thinking about the that impact public art may have in your community, what is most important to you? Please select your top five (5). 
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5. In your opinion, where are the best places in the City of South Fulton for public art? Please select your top five (5). 
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7. How likely are you to visit/attend any of the following?
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8. Which words best describe the type of public art you want to see around the City of South Fulton? Please select your top five (5). 
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9. Overall, how would you rate the public art in your community?
11. Do you consider yourself an artist or craftsperson or creative worker regardless of whether you earn income for this activity?
The following questions will help us better understand how the Public Art Master Plan can be inclusive and responsive to different peoples, cultures, and individuals. All information is confidential and not attributed to any individual.
12. What is your age range?
13. Which best describes your gender identity?
14. Which of the following groups do you most identify with?  
  • * This question is required.
15. Do you consider yourself a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Queer (LGBTQ) community or related communities? (yes, no, prefer not to say)

16. Do you have children in your household under the age of 18?
19. If you are an artist, and would like to be added to our artist registry, please provide your name, email address and phone number below.