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NGCOA-USGA Smart Buy Program

Your golf course is the primary reason golfers come to your facility—or stay away. As part of our ongoing mission to support golf facilities and strengthen the health of the game, we have several ways to partner with NGCOA members to improve your golfers’ on-course experience:
  • Whether you want to provide better playing conditions, need renovation guidance, or are looking for agronomic assistance, our consulting agronomists can help you achieve your goals
  • Our tech platform, Deacon, can help you use data to make smarter decisions to improve golfer satisfaction
  • With the GPS Service, you can understand where your golfers are going and—more importantly—where they’re not going, so you can prioritize resource consumption based on actual player traffic patterns

NGCOA members will receive a 5% rebate on all our solutions. To get started, please provide a little information below. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Kinney at
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3. Which of the following challenges is your course facing? Please select all that apply
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