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Research Idea and Proposal Form

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This Research Idea and Proposal Form must be completed for all research projects that HammondCare will be involved in as funders, partners, or participants. Once completed, a copy will be emailed to the nominated Project Contact Person and the Research Governance Office. The application will then be distributed to relevant internal stakeholders for initial Idea endorsement. You will be advised of the outcome. Timeline for this outcome may be anywhere between 1 day and several weeks; dependent on availability of the relevant endorsers.

Once initial endorsement is in place you will be contacted and asked to submit a detailed HammondCare budget document to accompany your Proposal through to the HammondCare Research Governance Committee for approval. the Committee meets once every 2 months, usually in January, March, May, July, September, November of each year.

An asterix (*) indicates that the question must be completed before your application can be submitted.

If you use acronyms please provide the full name at the first instance. 

Use the BACK & NEXT buttons at the bottom of the form to navigate through pages. Do not use the Internet Explorer Back & Forward buttons.
1. Project Contact Details *This question is required.If the Applicant is a Student, please record the Higher Degree Supervisor as an additional project contact person.
Additional Project Contact Details (Student Supervisor)(If the Applicant is a Student, please record the Higher Degree Supervisor as an additional project contact person)
Please select the research focus area your project should be reviewed and endorsed under?  *This question is required.
3. Project Type *This question is required.
5. Please indicate the anticipated start date and anticipated end date of your proposed project: where the end-date is defined as the date on which you plan to submit your notification to your HREC that your project has completed.
Format: DD/MM/YYYY *This question is required.
6. List the project investigators and their institutions below:
Space Cell InvestigatorPartner InstitutionEmail Address
Chief Investigator *This question is required
HammondCare Investigator
Collaborating Investigator(s) 1.
............................................. 2.
............................................. 3.
............................................. 4.
7. Have you spoken with someone from HammondCare about your project? *This question is required.
(one or two sentences)
11. If involving HammondCare Hospitals, HammondCare At Home, Residential Care Services or Independent Living Units, have you flagged your proposal with the Service Manager and /or delegate within the last month? (Please note the name of the Manager/Delegate.) *This question is required.
12. Describe how you envisage your research outcomes and outputs could be translated into routine practice on completion of your project? *This question is required.
Note: A strong negative outcome is just as powerful as a good positive outcome, in terms of avoiding possibly-useless treatments, for example.
Note: Include information not just about broad publications in journals, etc., but also more specifically and intentionally inside our organisation, for example ‘Thought Leadership’ seminars.
13. Will HammondCare be the administering institution for this project? *This question is required.
14. How will HammondCare's participation in this project be funded (choose all that are applicable) *This question is required.You may select more than one funding type. Please specify the amounts that will be allocated to HammondCare under a research agreement.
15. External Funding Details *This question is required.
Recipients of the Funding *This question is required.
  • * This question is required.
Funding will come to HammondCare...
18. Will you require access to HammondCare data or HammondCare participants without requiring access to a HammondCare site? *This question is required.- after submitting your form please email HammondCare Research Governance Office to request data access application form at
19. Will any non-HammondCare employees be requiring access to HammondCare facilities, services or resources as part of this research?- after submitting your form please email HammondCare Research Governance Office to request site access consent form(s) at
List non-HammondCare employees requiring access:
Space Cell Non-HammondCare EmployeeEmploying InstitutionEmail Address
1. *This question is required
20. Are any of the research personnel students? *This question is required.
Please specify the name of the student(s) and supervisor who will supervise the student(s) at HammondCare facilities and services:
Space Cell StudentStudent EmailSupervisorSupervisor Email
1. *This question is required
21. Do you anticipate complying with the HammondCare policy guidelines concerning Intellectual Property?Note, in collaborative studies all significant investigators/institutions should share the ownership of the results. A Research Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, or Letter of Agreement will need to be signed by all parties; and should document authorship, data ownership and intellectual property.
Which external entity/ies should we expect to receive a draft research agreement from if your project moves past initial endorsement? *This question is required.
23. Have you already applied for HREC approval for this project?
24. Which organisation is the legal entity that you want to undertake this research? *This question is required.
Thank you for completing the application. Please click on the "Submit" button to finalise. If HammondCare supports your project through the levels of review the Research Governance Office will issue you with an ‘organisation support letter’. Please contact our office if you have any questions: