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ESTI Call for Input

Call for Input

The Committee on Creating a Framework for Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health and Medicine has been asked to provide recommendations on a governance framework for managing risks, benefits, and implications of emerging science, technology, and innovation in health and medicine. The framework is to be founded on ethical principles, with a focus on justice, equity and fairness. Additional information on the study, including its full statement of task, is available from the website, linked above. The study is also informed by ideas that have been incubated through the National Academy of Medicine and described in a recent viewpoint.

To inform its deliberations, the committee seeks input from stakeholders and members of the public on the questions below.

The National Academies will list all written submissions in a Public Access File (PAF) established for the study. These submissions may be made available to the public upon request. Comments may also be used in the committee’s final report, which is planned for release in 2023.
For questions 3-4, please look at the tables below, which give a few examples of potential actors involved in the governance landscape for emerging science and technologies in health and medicine and examples of types of levers or mechanisms that might affect development of emerging S&T.  These are not intended to be comprehensive and we seek your input and creativity! Please do not feel limited to actors, sectors, or mechanisms identified in these preliminary, illustrative tables.
Demographic Information

The information you provide may be attributed to you. If you do not want your name included in any public document, please leave “name, affiliation, and email” fields blank and we will attribute your response to an “anonymous respondent.”
8. Please identify which stakeholder group you represent with your comments:
12. The committee may invite selected commenters to share their input with the committee during future public information-gathering sessions for the study. Would you like to be considered as a speaker?