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The Vision for Michigan's Avenue | Community Survey


The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (Tri-County) is undergoing a corridor study along Michigan Avenue: the main transportation route that connects the City of Lansing and the State Capitol to the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University. 

Over the years, many studies have been conducted to explore ways to improve the corridor, including the 2014 Capitol Corridor Study by Tri-County and the 2017 Shaping the Avenue project by the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA). We are diving into these past studies and confirming previous input from the community to create a single, unified vision for the corridor that is technically feasible and implementable. 

This study is an opportunity to clarify our community's goals and objectives for the Michigan Avenue Corridor as we envision our current and future transportation needs - like walkability and ease of driving, riding the bus, and bicycling - and development desires - like access to businesses and emergency services, placemaking, and other designs that inspire vibrant public spaces for people and businesses along the corridor. With the City of Lansing's planned road construction along Michigan Avenue in 2023 and 2024, this is a pivotal moment to take a step forward in enhancing the corridor and making sure our community's projects work toward a shared vision.

Now, we need you: people within the community who are actively engaged in creating a brighter future for our tri-county region. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and being a difference maker!
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