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Global Digital Compact - Seeking Library Inputs


This survey is intended to gather the views of the library field in order to provide a response to the United Nations' consultation on a Global Digital Compact. This is one of the commitments made in the UN Secretary General's Our Common Agenda, and a pillar of the major Summit for the Future, to take place next year.

Through your contributions, you will help ensure that we can demonstrate the engagement of the library field in questions around how the internet and wider digital technologies are governed, and promote library priorities, insights and values. 

Your responses will be managed in line with IFLA's data protection policy, and any responses cited will be anonymous. If you choose to share your e-mail, we will share the results of this work, as well as reserving the possibility of sharing further news on the grounds of legitimate interest. You can of course opt out of receiving e-mails at any point. 

By continuing, you accept that your responses will be used in this way. 

This survey is open until 7 September.