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Fall 2022 College Loops Fund Application

Fall 2022 College Loops Fund Application

Welcome to the Girls Who Code Fall 2022 College Loops Fund Application, where you can apply for up to $250 in support of your Loop activities!

Go to a conference, plan a picnic, or grab snacks for your meetings and study groups!

Qualifications: To qualify, you must be in a leadership position (President, Advisor, VP, etc.) and your Loop must be active for the 2022-2023 academic year. To start a Loop at your school, click here

For more details about the Fund, check out our Fall 2022 College Loop Fund FAQs!
First and Last Name
This question requires a valid email address.
For ex: President, VP, Marketing Manager
Please input your College Loop Code. Hint: it should be CLXXXXX and can be found in HQ, the CL Codes sheet or by emailing
5. If awarded the College Loop funds, Girls Who Code will mail the check to the person listed below. Please type below the complete and correct address where the check should be mailed. *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
6. Funding Categories *This question is required.How do you plan to use your College Loops funds? Select all that apply. 

Please include a proposal (250-500 words) describing:

  1. What you are requesting and how you will use the funds.
  2. How it connects to your College Loop goals. 
  3. An itemized budget explaining the cost breakdown for each item.
See here for an example of a proposal and budget.
This question requires a valid number format.
We love seeing your College Loops in action. Have an IG account? Share the URL and/or handle so GWC can follow along!
10. Signature *This question is required.Please sign your name below confirming that you understand you are required to use the funds and submit photos* showing us how you used the funds by Dec 15th, 2022

*For example, pictures of your College Loop meeting, event, trip, conference, picnic, lunch, etc. Pro Tip: Pictures showing off your GWC swag always look great!

Please Note: Girls Who Code reserves the right to deny future funding requests if photos are not submitted.
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