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NCHIMA Strategic Planning Member Survey - July 2022

We are excited to announce that it's time for us to start working on NCHIMA’s strategic plan. As members, your feedback is essential to the future direction of NCHIMA’s member benefits, continuing education, annual meeting options, and volunteerism. You are personally invited to participate in this membership survey. After the survey has ended and all feedback has been reconciled an update will be published for NCHIMA membership later this year.
1. Highest level of educational attainment
2. AHIMA credentials (Select all that apply)
3. Primary job setting
4. Salary range
5. Age range
6. Job level category
7. Will you achieve a higher academic level in the next 3 years?
8. If so, what academic level?
8. Will you achieve an additional credential in the next 3 years?
9. If so, what type of credential?
9. Which of the following associations do you have an active membership with? (Check all that apply)
10. What is important to you when considering volunteering with NCHIMA? (Select all that apply)
11. What volunteer opportunities would you like to see with NCHIMA? (Select all that apply)
12. What amount of time per month is considered acceptable to you when volunteering?
13. Are you concerned about Payor Models, as this affects hospitals and their spending?
14. Which of these drivers of workforce change is the main priority for you in the next 3 years?
15. Would you reference/utilize a healthcare legislation and regulation news section on the NCHIMA website?
16. Where do you obtain your health information (HI) and healthcare industry news?
17. What resources do you prefer to educate yourself on HI professional trends and changes? (Select all that apply)
18. How do you prefer to receive NCHIMA updates and information?
19. What membership benefits are important to you? (Select all that apply)
20. What is your preference for future NCHIMA Annual Meetings?
21. Would you be interested in a rotating platform for NCHIMA Annual Meeting (i.e. rotating between in-person and virtual)?