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Project Blueprint Class Application

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5. Education Background
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Public Relations
Fund Development
Human Resources
Strategic Planning
9. Do you have any experience serving on a Nonprofit Board of Directors? *This question is required.
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11. Volunteer Involvement -- List 2 organizations that you have been involved with as a volunteer.  Include nonprofit, civic, professional, business, faith based, community and social organizations.
16. Statement of Commitment  

I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for membership in Project Blueprint Class XLII. I am prepared to make the time and service commitments required by the program. 
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I will attend all mandatory sessions. (including retreat Board Fair and graduation)
I will attend all other workshop sessions; a maximum of one excused absence is permitted. I will notify Project Blueprint Staff in advance of any absence.
I will work with Project Blueprint staff to secure a board or committee placement.
If I miss more than one session or any mandatory session, I will not graduate from Project Blueprint. I acknowledge that my registration fee will not be refunded.
17. Please upload your resume
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By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the foregoing Statement of Commitment.