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Start-Stop Survey 2022

The Dewey B Strategic blog has partnered with HBR Consulting to bring you the latest Start/Stop survey.

A presentation focused on the survey results will be featured at HBR's second annual Legal Information + Knowledge Services Conference (LINKS) on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Proceeds from LINKS ticket sales will cover technology costs for the event and a donation to the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) George A. Strait Minority Scholarship & Fellowship fund.

Survey Instructions

This survey is intended to cover the timeframe since the start of the pandemic, beginning in March 2020 to the present. Please refer to this timeframe when answering the questions.

All survey answers are anonymous.
1. What is your affiliation?
11. What practice do you want vendors to stop doing? What would you like to see vendors start doing?
12. Are there any analytics products that you've had in the past that you have canceled? Select all that apply.
13. Is your organization using APIs?
14. Have you canceled any API projects or vendors/sources?