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National Homes Sustainability Survey

National YOUprint Survey 2022

Today, we hear regularly from our homeowners about how important sustainability is to them. Many of us find it a key consideration in the decisions we make. Here at National, sustainability has been a part of our philosophy for years. In fact, not only is it a central part of our building program, but we are now focusing on the goal of Net Zero Building, where homes are so energy efficient that they only use as much energy as they can produce from on-site renewable energy. We haven’t reached there yet, but to us it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

We would like to know more about your thoughts on the issue of Sustainability. How important is it to you? Is it something you want addressed in your home? And which sustainable features are you most interested in?  Please give us your opinions in the form below and your name will be added to a draw for the chance to win a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot. Because at National, You Are the Blueprint for everything we do. *This question is required.
1. What type of home would you shop for next? (Check all that apply) *This question is required.