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Circulating Technology Kits Survey

NEO-RLS currently has a variety of Technology Kits which libraries are able to borrow. The kits come with 8-10 pieces of functional technology and can be borrowed for two to four weeks (depending on the kit) to provide hands-on learning. The current kits include STEAM Kits for various ages (children’s, tween and teen), VR/AR, Health Literacy Kits, Classroom Kits that provide a collection of the same tech (Sphero and Ozobot), a Tablet Kit (10 iPads) and a VR Console Kit (Playstation VR with various games). 

Your answers to the following questions will help us plan our technology expenditures to match your needs and assist you in making appropriate purchases for your library.
2. Does your library own the technology or have funds to purchase technology for patron programming? 
3. Were you aware that NEO-RLS has circulating technology kits?
4. Which of the following NEO-RLS kits would you be interested in borrowing?  
5. Would you prefer that NEO-RLS provide a “turn-key” program (e.g. PowerPoint presentation, programing outline, handouts) with the technology kits? Or, would you prefer to create your own unique program based around the borrowed technology?