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NTA TREX Pre-Fam Registration


Pre-Fam Registration

November 9-12
Salt Lake City & Nevada’s Cowboy Country

Lovers of art, culture, nature, and outdoors are invited to be part of this familiarization trip. Explore the historic sites of Salt Lake City and see the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. Get acquainted with Nevada’s Cowboy Country by learning the roots of Nevada’s first pioneers. You will dine on fine Basque cuisine, discover lively communities full of history, and learn a thing or two about buckaroo legends.
Recommended arrival to Salt Lake City is Wednesday, Nov. 9, early in the afternoon. From there on you will be on the road until you arrive in Reno on Nov. 13. This tour is open only to tour operator/buyers. There is only 12 spots available on this tour.
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