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ESPCF consultation on family support courses/workshops for neurodevelopmental conditions

Consultation on family support courses/workshops for neurodevelopmental conditions

The purpose of this survey is for East Sussex Parent Carer Forum (ESPCF) to begin consulting with parent carers in East Sussex on the new Neuro-Developmental Pathway (NDP) Family Training and Navigation Service.  Our intention is that this service is as helpful as possible for families, so it's really important we listen to you right from the beginning. This survey is the start of this process.

Amaze has been commissioned by the East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group to set up this service, which will provide support at each stage along the NDP to help families support children and young people with the challenges they face. 

The NDP covers 0-24 year olds and conditions covered within the NDP include:
  • Autism
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD)
  • Learning disabilities/developmental delay
  • Social communication concerns
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Tics/Tourette syndrome
This will be your service.  ESPCF and Amaze want to work closely with parent carers to design the support which is provided, especially deciding the focus and format of the workshops and information that’s needed.  In this survey we ask you to tell us about what works (your positive experiences); what doesn't work (your negative experiences); what is needed (what you think is needed to improve family support in the future).

This survey is the beginning of the ‘co-production’ process.  There will be other opportunities for parent carers to be more involved as the service develops, including joining a focus group to look at courses / workshops, helping identify to commenting on draft resources as they are drafted.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts through this initial survey.  All information provided will be anonymised, shared between ESPCF and Amaze and only used for the purposes of helping to design NDP service.  We value all parent carers' responses, and any input is really helpful. Feel free to skip any questions you don’t feel are relevant to you.   If you would like to get more involved in this project (eg join a focus group meeting / become an ESPCF parent carer rep) please leave your email address on the final screen and if you've any queries please contact 

This survey will be available until 9th July 2022.