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CAP Online Platform Training for CAP Managers 2022

CAP Online Platform 2.0 Training for CAP Managers

DESE continues to offer training to CAP Managers on the new Online Platform. This training is open to all CAP Managers considering using the Online Platform for the 2022-23 school year, and for those seeking a refresher on the Platform. These sessions are designed to be “train-the-trainer” in order to prepare CMs to train and support their Program Supervisors, Supervising Practitioners, and Teacher Candidates to use the system. We will also share a few new resources available for the Platform and a few updates. SOs not planning to use the Online Platform will continue to upload data by July 15 using the CAP data import template.
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7. Will you be the CAP Manager for your Sponsoring Organization in 2022-23?  Please note that for security reasons there can only be one CAP Manager per SO. If you are not currently the CAP Manager, please ask your SO’s Ed Prep primary contact to email to request that you be granted this role.
Do you currently have an account that you use to log in to ESE’s Security Portal and access EDWIN?
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