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Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-008 Quiz 15

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Your company has just acquired another company in the same city. You need to integrate the two email systems so that messages can be exchanged between email servers. Currently, each network uses an email package from a different vendor.

Which TCP/IP protocol enables message exchange between systems?
2. Which of the following protocols includes extensive error checking to ensure that a transmission is sent and received without mistakes?
3. Which of the following tunneling methods is used to send IPv4 traffic through an IPv6 network?
4. Which protocol does an IP host use to inform a router that it wants to receive specific multicast frames?
5. Which of the following BEST defines a SAN?
6. Cheryl needs a solution for file shares and data storage. The solution needs to provide fast I/O for the network users and needs to be secure. What is the BEST solution?
7. You have a WAN link that connects two sites. It's supposed to provide 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth. You want to perform a test to see the link's actual bandwidth. Which tool should you use?
8. Which of the following is the least effective power loss protection for computer systems?
9. Which of the following ensures that power is supplied to a server or device during short power outages?
10. You have performed an audit and found an active account for an employee with the username joer. This user no longer works for the company. Which command can you use to disable this account?
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