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CSHCS Family Survey 2021-2022

Thank you for filling out this confidential survey. Your comments and suggestions are important to us!

1. My calls or emails are responded to in a timely manner. 
2. My questions were answered effectively.
3. The referrals/resources I received were easy to understand. 
4. I have discussed transition to adulthood for my child with the nurse. 
5. I am aware of the other services available to me at the LCHD.
6. I would recommend the LCHD to others. 
7. Have you ever called the CSHCS Family Phone Line (1-800-359-3722)?
8. Are you aware that CSHCS eligibility ends at age 21 for most clients?
9. Would you be interested in joining a Facebook group for local parents on CSHCS?
10. Would you be interested in receiving a quarterly newsletter via email?
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11. Would you like to be contacted? If yes, please provide your contact information: