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NCHRP 20-68 - U.S. Domestic Scan Program - Submission Portal


The NCHRP 20-68 - U.S. Domestic Scan Program is soliciting topic submissions for the FY 2023 program.

The U.S. Domestic Scan Program is broad, considering any innovative practices of high-performing transportation agencies that could be beneficially adopted by other interested agencies. The purpose of each scan and of the program is to facilitate information sharing and technology exchange among the states and other transportation agencies and identify actionable items of common interest. While scans have been shown to be an effective means for encouraging innovation, the overall program will include activities to explore alternative methods of identifying emerging new practices and disseminating information about these practices to other practitioners.

Selected scan topics will be investigated by one of four ways: site visits to three to six locations over a two-week period or less, visits to two to four primary sites over two weeks or less with presentations with other invited agencies at those sites, a one-week in person workshop involving presentations by invited innovative agencies; or a one-week virtual workshop involving presentations by invited innovative agencies. The format by which the scan will be conducted will be determined based on the most efficient format by which the topic might be studied as determined by NCHRP based on the scope of the selected proposal.

Proposed topics should meet the following criteria:
  • Address an important and timely need for information by the AASHTO community.
  • Are of interest to a broad spectrum of transportation professionals and agencies in the U.S.
  • That lend themselves particularly well to exploration through an exchange between practitioners within transportation agencies; and
  • Are sufficiently focused that the scan participants can investigate and understand key issues in the limited time available for a scan.
A complete description of the NCHRP 20-68 - U.S. Domestic Scan Program may be viewed at
  1. Review the guidance for What Makes a Good Scan Topic Proposal
  2. Use the format outlined in the blank proposal form provided here to prepare your submission.
  3. Submit your proposal electronically on this page.

Please note:
  • Proposals should be submitted by a state DOT, an AASHTO committee/council or an FHWA office.
  • Deadlines for Submission is September 15, 2022

For more information:
Contact Sid Mohan at