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Emerging Leaders Network Application Form

The Emerging Leaders Network inspires, equips, and connects interfaith leaders to build on our nation’s key strength of religious diversity. We inspire by sharing stories of emerging leaders creating change in their communities. We equip our leaders to make an impact with grants and learning resources. Finally, we connect them with each other through convenings and fellowships.

For over a decade, we have brought together and supported young professionals dedicated to building on America’s foundational strength of religious diversity. The Network is composed of over 2,000 diverse, multifaceted, innovative, and motivated individuals, who influence how healthcare, business, non-profits, religious communities, government, and other sectors engage with religious diversity. Check out our new website for more information.

We're excited to welcome you to the Interfaith America Emerging Leaders and would love to learn a little bit more about you.

To join the Emerging Leaders Network, please complete this short application form. 

Notes on eligibility:
  • Training in Interfaith Cooperation: Any applicant who has NOT recently attended an Interfaith America Leadership Summit (formerly known as IFYC's Interfaith Leadership Institute/ILI) as an undergraduate will be asked to complete a 90 minute asynchronous online course before their application can be accepted: INTF 1101 - Interfaith Foundations for Emerging Leaders
  • Current Students: Applicants must be over the age of 18 and may NOT be currently enrolled in college or university (undergrad). Current undergraduate students who attended a recent Summit can apply now and begin receiving the Emerging Leaders Digest and will be eligible for Emerging Leaders Network opportunities when they leave school. A college degree is NOT a requirement for membership in the Emerging Leaders Network.
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