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The Journey of Carers - Longitudinal study - No.1

Thank you for you interest in our research into the health, wellbeing and needs of Foster and Kinship carers in Australia.
This study aims to follow foster and kinship carers through their journey in providing care. Each survey will ask you a little about yourself and then a bit about providing foster/kinship care. The focus topic of each survey will be a little different. The focus topic of this study is the challenges and rewards of being a carer.
Full details of this study can be found in the participant information sheet.

If you are a registered carer of Children in Out of home care in Australia. You can participate in the following ways, you can:
  • Complete a short, one-off anonymous, online survey about your current health and wellbeing, (5 minutes),
  • You can agree to join this longitudinal study. If you join the study you can choose to
    • Complete a mid-length survey (10-15 minutes) today, and/or
    • Participate in a semi-structured 30-minute interview
If you join are research study, you will be asked to provide your contact details, we will use these to let you know when the next survey is available for completion. Surveys will released every 6 months.  
Please indicate which ways you would like to participate (select all that apply)
1. Are you currently a registered carer for children in the Out of Home Care system? *This question is required.
2. Are you based in Australia? *This question is required.