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National Jewish ECE Compensation Study Invitation Request Form

National Jewish ECE Compensation Study Information

Thank you for your interest in the National Jewish ECE Compensation Study!


Invitations should have arrived for those who are on our partner contact lists.

If you previously received an email with survey links and/or your local or network contact has informed you that you should have received an email, please do not use this form. Please contact from your work email with your full name, role, center name (or your e-mail signature), city, state, and zip. 

The deadline to submit this form is September 2, 2022.

Please check your inbox, spam, or junk folder for a message from .
Please also check with all colleagues for an invitation from

There is one invitation link per early childhood center. We have received many duplicate requests. 

All others making new requests: Please read through the study inclusion criteria for invitations:
  • Director or similar title leader of a center-based, early childhood education (ECE Center) and care setting
  • The ECE Center serves infants through Pre-K/5-year-olds. (exclusion: family- and home-based care settings)
  • The ECE Center is affiliated with a Jewish organization or identifies as a Jewish ECE
  • The ECE Center is in the United States of America

If eligible, please use this form to request an invitation if you meet the criteria and did not receive an invitation. Please allow up to one week for processing by the research team. Thank you! 
Your role in the ECE Center: *This question is required.
How did you hear about the study? *This question is required.