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VT E-Bike Incentive Application


Vermont eBike Incentive Program Application

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is offering an incentive program to consumers for the purchase of eligible electric bicycles (eBike). Purchasers have the option to apply the rebate directly to their purchase at a participating retailer or to receive a check directly through the Consumer Post-Sale rebate option.

For Consumer Post-Sale rebates, the purchaser has 60 days to submit a rebate application after the date of purchase to be eligible for a rebate. For Retailer Point-of-Sale rebates, a retailer should submit a rebate application during the purchase with the consumer, or within 15 days of the sale.

For both Retailer Point-of-Sale and Consumer Post-Sale rebates, please have the following information and files available to complete this application (acceptable file formats for uploading: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, doc, docx):
  • A complete and signed Consumer eBike Attestation Form
  • Proof of Residency: A legible copy of a current (not expired) Vermont driver’s license or Vermont Non-Driver ID card. If a Vermont resident does not have a current Vermont driver’s license or Non-Driver ID card, a recent (within 3 months) utility bill with the consumer's name and address will be required.
  • Sales Receipt: The name on the receipt must match the name on the Consumer eBike Attestation Form, Proof of Residency, and the following application form. If the consumer’s name is not listed on the Sales Receipt, other sales documentation should be provided with the application. The sales receipt must include the following information:
    • Sales Date
    • Sale Price (before tax)
    • eBike Make
    • eBike Model
    • eBike Serial Number/Unique ID (if applicable)
    • Applied incentive amount (for Retailer Point-of-Sale claims only)
The program administrator will process the Consumer Post-Sale or Retailer Point-of-Sale application and, if approved, send a check to the consumer or retailer. Once approved, a check will be issued within 6-8 weeks.

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