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Influence 100 Cohort 4 Application (SY22-24)

Influence 100 Cohort 4 Application

Please indicate your interest in and commitment to participating in Influence 100, as well as nominations for fellows to participate in the program. Participation in Influence 100 is a 2-year commitment.  DESE will select districts with a demonstrated commitment to the goals of Influence 100 using the following criteria: 

District commitment to advancing equity and racial equity:

  • District commitment to developing a strategic plan that centers equity and racial equity, including a strategy for diversifying its educator workforce and engaging in culturally responsive practices.

  • District commitment to engaging in the Influence 100 network by participating in professional development provided by DESE to Influence 100 districts on topics related to advancing equity and racial equity in their districts. 

 District commitment to supporting Influence 100 fellows:

  • Identification of up to two fellows to participate in the Influence 100 program that meet the fellow selection criteria

  • Commitment to supporting the Influence 100 fellow/s through mentoring, support on an action research project to address an inequity in the district, and providing monthly release time for fellow/s to engage in leadership development programming provided by DESE.

  • Commitment to attending a program kick-off and orientation with the Influence 100 fellow/s in the fall. 

Please submit the information below for each candidate your district is nominating to be an Influence 100 Fellow. 
10. Fellow 1 Resume (please upload)
15. Fellow 2 Resume (please upload)

Statement of assurances. If selected, we commit to: