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SSI 2022 Access Control Deep Dive

2022 SSI Access Control DEEP Dive

Welcome to Security Sales & Integration's 2022 Access Control Deep Dive survey. It should not take more than 15 minutes. We really appreciate your participation as it helps make the results, scheduled to appear in SSI's September issue, more valuable and useful for everyone. As a sign of gratitude, be sure to provide your company email at the end to receive a $10 Amazon gift card. THANK YOU
1. Does your company sell, design and/or install electronic access control products, systems and/or solutions? *This question is required.
2. Which of the following best describes your company? *This question is required.
4. To what extent has the supply chain issue negatively impacted your company's new access control sales and upgrades?
5. Your company's type and number of access control installations in an average MONTH:
Space Cell Zero1-56-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-7576-100More than 100
LARGE INDUSTRIAL (Airports, Stadiums, Prisons, etc.)
6. What is the average number of doors/entryways in your company's access control projects?
Space Cell 1-56-1011-1516-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-7576-100101-150151-200200+
7. What is the average sales price your company charges for an access control system?
Space Cell Less than $1,000$1-2K$3-5K$6-10K$11-15K$16-20K$21-25K$26-30K$31-40K$41K-50K$51K-75K$76K-100K$100K-200KMore than $200K
10. Approximately how much has your company's access control business grown during the past year, and past five years?
Space Cell DeclinedNo growth - flat1%-5%6%-8%9%-10%11%-15%16%-20%21%-30%31%-40%41%-50%51%-75%76%-100%More than 100%
Past-year growth
5-year growth
11. What percentage of your company's access control sales revenue is accounted for by each of the following markets?
(select so total adds up to 100%)
Space Cell None1-5%6-10%11-15%16-20%21-25%26-30%31-40%41-50%51-60%61-75%76-100%
Houses of worship
Residential - single-family homes
Residential - multidwelling buildings
Commercial offices
Critical infrastructure
Financial institutions
Industrial facilities and warehouses
K-12 educaton
Higher education
Elderly homes/facilities
Sports/Events/Entertainment venues
Quick-serve restaurants / convenience stores
Small to midsize businesses (SMB)
12. Select the percentage your company's access control projects incorporate each of the following technologies.
Space Cell None1-5%6-10%11-15%16-20%21-25%26-30%31-40%41-50%51-60%61-75%76-100%
Smart locks
ID card generation
Cloud-hosted or managed access control as a service (ACaaS)
Open platform
Proprietary platform
Keyless entry / exiting
Elevator control
Integration with video
Integration with fire/life safety
Integration with mass notification
Integration with intrusion detection
Integration with gun or gunshot detection
Residential integration with other home controls
Gates, barriers, turnstiles or bollards
Mechanical door hardware
Proximity readers
Magstripe readers
Biometrics (facial, finger, hand, etc..)
Multi-format card / token readers
Mobile phone credentialing
GPS location capability
Mobile system control app
Telephone entry or intercom
13. What is your familiarity level and usage of Cloud and hosted or managed access control as a service (ACaaS) solutions?
15. Rank the following challenges as the leading reasons for your company either not offering or struggling with Cloud-based hosted or managed access control as a service (ACaaS). Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
16. Rank the top challenges your commercial/industrial customers face when the decide to run a physical access control solution on their corporate network. (1 = top challenge) Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
18. Please select the THREE access control brands your company most often sells and installs. Please only three choices.
19. Thank you very much for taking the time to participate in this survey! To receive a $10 Amazon gift card, please provide your business email address in the space below. (Note by doing so you are also consenting to possible follow up by SSI's editorial team for comments on the access control topic.)