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2022 Strength Matters Conference | Call for Sessions

Want to share? We want to learn.
Do you have experience, best and promising practices and tools, or innovative ideas to share with your colleagues who lead and manage the financial capacities of affordable housing organizations?

The 2022 Financial Management Conference will cover business practice & continuity, capital, financial talent & teams, and resiliency & change. Strength Matters is accepting session ideas for 60-minute and 90-minute sessions for these topics:   

Business Practice & Continuity
  • Data Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Speed of Business Change and The Finance Function
  • Enterprise Risk Management Best Practices
  • The CFO, Development Staff and Asset Management Staff: The Golden Triangle for Effective and Efficient Rental Development and Ownership
  • The Dashboard: The Perennial Tool for Financial Storytelling
  • Cash Forecasting: Always and Forever
  •  Negotiating Operating Agreements with Syndicators
  •  Comparing and Analyzing Investor Offers
  •  Strategic Disposition: Pulling Equity from Portfolio to Support Growth
  •  Non-traditional Capital Partners: Building the Partnerships
  •  Capital Structuring Decisions: Today’s Capital Stack to Meet Mission and Margin
  •  State and Local Recovery Funds: Effective Relationships with Government Partners to Access Project Capital
Financial Talent & Teams
  • The CFO as Strategist: The Evolving Role in the C-Suite
  • The CFO and CEO partnership
  • Building the Finance Team for Organizational Growth
  • Amplifying Financial Talent
  • Recruiting Financial Talent
  • Developing the Next Generation of CFOs
  • Succession Planning for the CFO Role
  • The Comptroller’s Currency: Managing From the Middle
Resiliency & Change
  • Best Practices for Managing a Remote Audit
  • Transformative Technology 
  • Organizational Culture in the Hybrid Space
  • Outsourcing Accounting Talent
  • Returning to the Office: Space Planning and Employee Collaboration
  • Employee Retention in a Hybrid Workforce: New Game, New Rules
  • What COVID Taught You About the Role of CFO