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DOC User Survey


Thanks for taking our survey! Your feedback will help us understand what you need from the Department of Corrections website,, and how we can improve it to best support your needs.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will:
  • be kept anonymous
  • not affect any services you are receiving from the Department of Corrections
  • not be sold
  • only be shared with our partner, Anthro-Tech, a research team assisting with the analysis

We do not track your IP address or the email address you are accessing this survey from.
At the end of the survey, you have the option of volunteering to participate in future research opportunities with the Department of Corrections. If you choose to provide your contact information, that information will not affect your current or future services from DOC. Additionally, contact information collected for future research opportunities will not be connected to your responses in this survey.

Required questions are marked with an asterisk (*).