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SBP 2022 Long Term Recovery Rebuilding Grant Application

Grant Overview

Background on SBP:
SBP exists to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. We believe that a prompt, efficient, and predictable recovery fortifies survivors against reaching their breaking point. SBP is committed to sharing resources and best practices that we have developed over the past 15 years with other nonprofits and community-based organizations. To learn more about SBP, please visit SBPUSA.ORG.

Program Overview:
SBP’s Share program awards grants to qualifying nonprofit partners to address the unmet housing needs of under-resourced neighbors and communities in a timely and efficient manner. SBP also offers grantees technical training on topics such as disaster case management, volunteer management, construction, contractor selection and management, and mold remediation.  Additionally, SBP can also award AmeriCorps member “slots” to qualifying organizations to help build capacity, launch new programs or support existing efforts. 

Grant details:
SBP is providing grants to nonprofits that are repairing homes for eligible clients impacted by federally declared disasters within the past five years. These efforts will result in people being able to move back into or live in safe, repaired homes, prepare communities for future disasters, strengthen homes and neighborhoods, and help under-resourced families preserve equity by protecting their most valuable asset - their homes. For additional information, please visit the grant overview attached here.  

Grant funds can be used to cover the cost of repairs caused by the federally declared disaster. This includes materials/supplies and/or contractors for mold suppression, insulation, framing, drywall, flooring, repairs or replacement of doors and windows, kitchens, bathrooms, siding, and/or roofing. 

Note: These funds are for hard construction costs with an allowance of up to 10% of the funds for overhead and 5% for project management fees. 

Nonprofit organizations repairing homes for the first time are welcome and encouraged to apply. Responses will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis as long as funds remain available. Responses will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis until July 15, 2022, or as long as funds remain available. All work funded through this grant must be completed by May 31, 2023. 

Reporting Requirements:
Our aim is to reduce the complexities and burdensome reporting requirements so that your team has more time to create a client-centric rebuild program. Grantees will participate in a monthly progress call with SBP's Manager of NGO Partnerships, Angela Calabro. They will submit a final grant report via the portal link attached in the overview, which can be viewed as a pdf template here


If you have questions or need assistance completing this application, please contact Angela Calabro at