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Transfort Service Changes Questionnaire - August 2022

1. How often do you use Transfort bus service?
2. How satisfied are you with the existing Transfort routes?


August Transfort Service Enhancements

Route 6: Adjust both northbound and southbound service times 5 minutes later to enhance connections with MAX and Route 5.

Route 92: Adjust all times 5 minutes later to accommodate new Poudre High School bell time changes.

January Transfort Service Enhancements

FLEX Route: Realign the north transfer point in Loveland from the Food Bank to the new Transfer Center at US 287 and 37th. Southbound FLEX 1 and FLEX 2 trips will depart 4 minutes later. Anticipated effective date: January 2023

FLEX Stops: The current loading-only and unloading-only restrictions in Boulder County will be lifted. All stops along the FLEX route will be considered normal by January 2023 or sooner.

3. How satisfied are you with the proposed Transfort route changes?
4. How will the proposed changes impact your use of transit? Will you:
5. Please indicate the service improvements you find to be the most important. (Check up to 3)
6. How satisfied were you with the quality and amount of information provided online and/or during the June 22 virtual Public Meeting?