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TechWomen Fall 2022 - Professional Mentor Application


Thank you for your interest in applying to be a fall 2022 TechWomen Professional Mentor.

The fall 2022 program will take place September 21 - October 27, 2022.

Before you begin your application, please make sure to read through the Emerging Leader profiles on the TechWomen website, as you must indicate which Emerging Leaders (ELs) you would like to apply to mentor within the application. We suggest using the filter and search functions to explore by industry or areas of professional interest, and please be sure to look beyond the ELs with names starting with “a!” If you require more detailed information about TechWomen professional mentorship and our process, we recommend that you also visit the Professional Mentor section of the TechWomen website before getting started. Please also be familiar with the TechWomen response to COVID-19 and our vaccination requirements. It is our priority to keep everyone safe and healthy while facilitating this professional and cultural exchange.

The TechWomen team will evaluate your application with the aim to match each EL with a mentor (or mentors) who will best support their learning objectives. Please use this application to promote yourself and describe how you will contribute to their professional mentorship experience. 

It is all in the details! A successful professional mentorship match is essential to the success of the TechWomen program and the EL program experience. The more detailed you are in your responses, the better we are able to assess which EL you can best support to achieve their learning objectives.  

A successful application may take up to one hour to complete, and you may complete it in several sittings. Starting on the next page of this application, you will have the option to "Save and continue application later." Depending on your browser, the link is located at the top or bottom of each application page in blue. This function will prevent you from losing your progress and having to restart your application. Please use the "Back" button at the bottom of each page to return to previous pages if you need to review and/or modify any of your answers. It is not recommended to use your browser's back button, as this may cause you to lose your progress. 

Applications must be submitted no later than Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 11:59pm PST.

Help Our Community Grow
In response to the 2020 - 2021 travel restrictions, we are hosting two cohorts of Emerging Leaders in 2022 (one this past spring and the second this fall) and we need more volunteers than ever. We need your help to spread the word about our various upcoming volunteer opportunities. Please take 10 minutes to send this email to friends or colleagues in your network, who you feel may be a good fit for the program.

Host An Information Session
We understand that you may be eager to participate in TechWomen but you and your colleagues may have questions regarding the commitment. TechWomen has continued to evolve during the pandemic and we have made adjustments to our approach to professional mentorship to accommodate the new ways we do our work. We hope we have designed a program that feels both manageable for our mentors but also fulfills the goals of the overall program. Please be in touch with Linda Miles, TechWomen Mentorship Initiatives Lead, should you have interest in co-hosting an information session for a small group of friends or colleagues. 

You are also welcome to contact Linda Miles if you prefer to email any questions you may have.
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