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Montague County, Texas Library Survey

Libraries and other community organizations serve a vital role in providing access to information and technology for the entire community. Libraries often host public computers with internet access for those without a device or connection at home. Many also provide technology training to develop a more digitally literate community.

This survey is designed to collect data on how local libraries and community organizations of all types are using broadband and related technologies. Therefore, your responses are key in accurately representing your sector. Survey respondents should have a working knowledge of the library or organization’s technology use.

Please submit one survey per library or community organization. We estimate that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We do not use or share any data collected for any marketing purposes. We do not sell any information collected through these surveys. We do not share individual survey findings with any internet service provider. No personally identifiable information, individual survey responses, or information that could be used to identify an institution and its survey responses are shared with any entity outside of the broadband planning team. No names, addresses, or individual information are shared with any outside entity without the express consent of the individual.

1. What is the address of your library or community organization?
This question requires a valid number format.
2. Do you represent a library or a community organization?
3. Please indicate how the device you’re using to complete this survey is connected to the internet.
4. Does your library or organization subscribe to internet service at this location?