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Comprehensive North America Salary Survey for Procurement, Sourcing and Third Party Risk

This compensation study is being conducted by Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). We hope to perform a detailed compensation study to help inform practitioners in procurement or risk roles. As a participant, you have the right to request a complimentary copy of the study. The results of the survey will be aggregated, so no personally identifiable information will be reported. Please feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you may have and we do not want you to offer any information you are not supposed to disclose. Thank you for your participation.

You need about 6-7 minutes to answer all questions in the survey.

To express our appreciation for your valuable insights and time, eligible participants can be entered into a drawing for an incentive. The choices you can select as an incentive include a $25 gift card for either Amazon or Starbucks, a $25 donation to a SIG-approved charity, or $25 worth of trees planted in your name. You can opt-out of this by not providing your contact info at the end of the survey.

Questions, concerns or issues can be directed to Mary Zampino at SIG |