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Coin World 2022 Most Influential People in Numismatics

Rising to the uppermost echelons comes with unique responsibility for individuals reaching that peak. These individuals hold sway over the numismatic community. They not only influence but shape the industry’s values, direction, audience, investments, choices, and decisions. At the same time, many are responsible for their brands or are experts within associations, corporations, and product development with data key to understanding. That understanding has become so incredibly valuable not just to those that enjoy coin collecting, but to the industry as a whole because it drives passion, audience and growth.

That’s what the Coin World’s 2022 Most Influential People in Numismatics list assesses. We evaluate influence in several ways, looking for innovative ideas, contributions enriching the hobby, leading initiatives that make it better, or via a highly visible role representing their companies. Still others cultivate and share a particular expertise — around customer experiences, transformation or sustainability — that establishes them as a thought-leader on a given topic. Additionally, in selecting these nominees, considerations are given to how long they have been involved and their ability to contribute and serve in ways that benefit the hobby, more than themselves, as well as diversity.

What makes an individual worthy of a spot on a list? Each one of these inspirational people uses the power of their contribution to have an effect on how the hobby works, and their actions and words have made an impact. While you will certainly find people who wield traditional power on this list — heads of organizations, owners, dealers — it also includes many extraordinary, lesser-known individuals who seized the moment to impact the hobby in meaningful ways. Their work challenges each of us to wield our own influence toward a “coin world” that is healthier, more resilient, more sustainable and just.

More than 200 influencers are eligible for consideration, all are worthy as they have had an impact on numismatics. Names include collectors, dealers, researchers, authors, club officials, designers, artists, authenticators, graders, journalists, and more. We ask you to assist us by casting your votes to make sure the “best of the best” are honored as recipients of Coin World’s 2022 Most Influential People in Numismatics.