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CE Pro 2022 Resimercial Deep Dive Survey

Commercial Work

We invite you to take the CE Pro 2022 Resimercial Deep Dive Survey. 
1. How did your commercial market work fare over the past 12 months (May 2021 to May 2022) compared to the previous year in the midst of the pandemic (May 2020 to May 2021)?
2. How much do you anticipate your commercial market business changing for the next 12 months?
3. In which of the following commercial vertical markets do you expect to do work in during 2022? (click all that apply)
4. Please rank which of the following commercial market product categories you believe will be the hottest for your business for the next year? (1= highest growth area; 12= lowest growth area)
Space Cell 123456789101112
Lighting Fixtures/Controls
Digital Signage/Videowalls
Audio Video Conferencing/Telepresence Systems
Distributed Audio/Video
Enterprise Networks
Commercial Security/Video Surveillance/Access Control
Projection Mapping
Room Acoustics/Sound Masking
Cybersecurity Software
Building Automation/Control
Live Sound (bars, clubs, restaurants)
5. What percentage of your commercial projects come from the following sources?
Space Cell None1%-5%6%-10%11%-20%21%-30%31%-50%51%-75%76%-99%100%
Referral from a residential client
Referral from a commercial client
Builder/General Contractor
Online lead
Cold calling/Prospecting
Manufacturer referral/lead
6. How many commercial projects (either new installations or upgrades) do you expect to complete in 2022?
7. Who is your typical primary point of contact on a commercial project?
8. What percentage of your commercial projects in the past 12 months were you able to sell a service or monitoring contract with? 
9. What is your average recurring monthly revenue/service agreement amount from a commercial project?
10. What is your biggest challenge in commercial projects?
11. What is your favorite part of doing commercial work?