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SurgeryU Awards

SurgeryU Award Competition

I have some very exciting news for AAGL members: SurgeryU is announcing its first ever video competition! I present to you the First Annual SurgeryU Award for Best Picture! Here are some details regarding the competition:
  • What: Accepted videos are to be approximately 30-45 minutes in length with as much surgery footage as possible. We are looking for novel content (filling in our educational gaps in SurgeryU) with excellent narration and educational value. We want the procedures to be minimally edited and want you to “teach” the surgery to other surgeons. Focus on a complete procedure or a small portion of a procedure (e.g., the bowel resection portion of a complex endometriosis surgery).
    • Focus on surgical technique with editing of surgical footage to facilitate learning, but not to remove key portions of the procedure or "speed up" the operating.
    • Extra credit given for animations, diagrams, labeling or other additions that enhance the educational value of the live surgery footage.  
    • Each video must contain a minimum of 3 teaching points echoed throughout the video. After watching your video, someone should be able to go to the OR and replicate your technique based on the teaching points.
  • Who: All trainees - medical students, residents, fellows of any specialty are eligible and must be the presenting author. 
    • Practicing/attending surgeons are not eligible to be presenting author. 
    • "Professionally made" videos by industry or third-party companies are not eligible. 
    • Previously presented/published will be accepted. 
  • When: 
    • Deadline for video submission is August 1, 2022.
    • Grading will be from August 1, 2022 – November 1, 2022. 
    • The winner for the SurgeryU Academy Award for Best Picture will be announced at the AAGL Global Congress.
  • How: Grading criteria: 
    • 10% of the total score = Number of unique, full-length views on SurgeryU.
    • 20% of the total score = Celebrity panel of judges 
    • 70% of the total score = Grading by SurgeryU Editorial Board based on the following criteria: 
      • Novel: Adds to SurgeryU’s library or presents topic in a unique/innovative way.  
      • Video quality: Video is well edited, narrated, and of good quality.  
      • Camera work and cinematography is well done. 
      • The editing does not compromise the authenticity of the surgery. 
      • Graphics: Diagrams, labels, animations are well made and contribute to educational quality.
      • Relevance: Relevant to MIGS with superior educational value.

The content created will benefit all members of the AAGL and strengthen our already vast educational library. So, warm up your video editing software and let the contest begin! Competition for this prestigious honor is sure to be fierce. I look forward to all of your amazing entries for this exciting, new, annual award!

Suketu Mansuria, MD
Dr. Mansuria is the Editor-in-Chief of SurgeryU. He is an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Gynecologic Minimally Invasive Surgery, at Magee-Women’s Hospital, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA.