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Virtual Focus Group Survey


We appreciate your interest in sharing your opinions about radio in the Buffalo region. We are conducting virtual focus groups via Zoom among residents from Western New York across the area on Tuesday, June 28th in the evening. The focus groups should last approximately 90 minutes.

Each person who is selected to participate in the focus group will receive a $50 digital Visa gift card in compensation for your time.

If you have a computer or a tablet with a camera, you’re in a location with strong Wi-Fi, and you’re comfortable using a video chat platform (ex: Zoom, GoToMeeting, FaceTime), we might want to talk with you. To participate, you must be at home or in an office setting using a tablet or computer. The groups will take place on the Zoom platform and we will want to see and hear you.

We are recruiting 8-10 people to participate in these Zoom groups.
If you are interested, and the date works for you, please fill out our brief survey. We’ll be contacting several people to participate.